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Book review: Blackout

 by Connie Willis

Adult Fiction


Welcome to Oxford, in the year 2060, where for decades historians have been using time travel to go back and observe crucial moments in history – the black plague, the crusades, 9/11. The time-traveling historians have language and data implants to allow them to blend in with local culture, vaccinations to protect them from diseases, and safeguards built into the time travel system to prevent them from altering events.

… Or so they thought. But now things are starting to go wrong, and a group of historians are stranded in time: stuck in London during the worst days of the blitz with no way to return and time running out.

Connie Willis vividly portrays everyday life and the extraordinary courageousness of the people in London during the war. This book works equally well as a scifi adventure and a historical novel and is both well-researched and imaginative.


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