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Rapid Reviews: what we’ve been reading

  •  Here Lies Arthur, By Philip Reeve
    A new way to look at the classic tale of King Arthur, this time through the eyes of Gwynna, a young girl rescued by the master storyteller himself, Myrrdin.
  •  Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling
    You might know Mindy from her role in The Office, but she wears a lot of other hats as well – comedy writer, off- Broadway performer, playwright. This book is part memoir, part essay, and all fun!
  • The Lacemaker and the Princess, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley Set in the time of the French revolution, Bradley writes with a wonderful voice for both the time period and the social status of her protagonist… a young lacemaker named Isabelle who becomes the unlikely friend of a princess.
  • Building the Great Cathedrals, by Francois Icher
    Ever wondered how our medieval ancestors built such soaring, intricate structures? In a blend of illustrations, photographs, and text, this book will show you the process all the way from the job of the most skilled architect to the lowliest stone-cutter.

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Book Review: The Water Wars

 The Water Wars
by Cameron Stracher

Young Adult Fiction

Warning: while reading, have a glass of water at your side. Reading The Water Wars may cause extreme thirst!

This futuristic thriller explores what life would be like if water became the world’s most precious – and rare – resource. Siblings Vera and Will live in the republic of Illinowa (formerly the midwestern USA), a land parched by lack of water. There is no vegetation, dust gets everywhere, and very last drop of water is treated as if it is gold.

And then they meet Kai: standing in the middle of a road, casually drinking water from a plastic cup and then shockingly, illegally, tipping out the last few drops onto the dirt. They befriend this strange boy, and when he disappears one day without warning, they set out to investigate. From then on it’s non-stop action … a fast-paced adventure full of twists and turns, pirates, terrorists, and a trio of very brave kids, out to save the world.

This great summer read will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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Book review: Dying To Meet You


Dying To Meet You
by Kate Klise

Grades 3-6
Junior Fiction

In this first book of the 43 Old Cemetery Road series, we find a Victorian home inhabited by a grumpy author (aptly named I. B. Grumply), a practically parentless boy named Seymour, one cat, and a very opinionated and literary ghost named Olive C. Spence.

Mr Grumply is the author of ghost stories for children, but he hates children … and doesn’t believe in ghosts. Seymour definitely believes in ghosts – after all, doesn’t Olive keep him company, and fix him dinner almost every night? And Olive just wants a chance, after almost 100 years, to finally get her book published.

Told entirely in letters, notes, and newspaper articles, this fast-paced and humorous tale is full of wordplay and charmingly illustrated, and certain to leave young readers  eager for the next book in the series.

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