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Book Review: What Are You Doing?

What Are You Doing?

by Elisa Amado
Illustrated by Manuel Monroy

Easy book, ages 4-8

“What are you doing?” asks young Chepito. And one by one, each person he meets responds by telling him what they are doing… reading! Everyone has a different reason: the mechanic reads a manual to find out how to fix a car, a tourist reads a guide book to keep from getting lost, and an archeologist reads heiroglyphics to learn about ancient Mayan history.

This lovely book, illustrated in softly glowing colors, celebrates the place reading holds in a community and the many reasons why reading why a person might read.

But Chepito has the best reason of all: “Because it’s fun!”


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Book Review: Pirate Girl

Pirate Girl
by Cornelia Funke

Easy book, ages 4 – 8

Oh no! Precocious Molly¬†has been¬†kidnapped by pirates. But not to worry: she knows something that the fearsome band of pirates don’t – that Molly’s mother is Barbarous Bertha, the leader of an even more fearsome band of lady pirates. All’s well that ends well in this rollicking and colorfully illustrated adventure!

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