Health resources @ your library

Health literacy – the ability to obtain, read, and understand healthcare information – is a key component to creating a healthy community. We understand that trustworthy medical information is often hard to find and confusing to understand. That’s why we’re here to help!

Thanks to a collaboration with Utica Park Clinic, we’re pleased to offer the following links, vetted by medical professionals, to help you navigate the confusing world of health information. You can browse them at home or come to the library and let us help you find what you need.

Also remember to check our collection of medical books, and always feel free to request any titles or subjects we don’t have.
health at your library

EBSCO – a huge online database that collects newspaper, journal and magazine articles. It has an extensive medical library that is excellent for finding in-depth information. Call, email, or message us on facebook for the password.

Mayo Clinic –  information on drugs and supplements, tests, symptoms, diseases, and more.

Utica Park Clinic – under “Health Resources” you’ll find short videos with information about back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, and much more.

Utica Park Clinic: diabetes education – everything you need to know, from meal planning to how to use an insulin pump. – website for the American Diabetes Association, with information covering all facets of how to live well with diabetes.

Medical Dictionary – medical jargon is confusing! Look those unfamiliar words up here. – One of the most comprehensive medical sites on the internet – look here for everything from how to treat lice to what that lingering cough could be a symptom of. It even has a section on pet health, because we know that Fido and Fluffy’s health is important too.

Eating healthy on a budget? We suggest Bountiful Baskets, a food co-op where you can obtain a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for a fraction of grocery store prices. There’s a pick up location here in Pryor!


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