What’s the value of a library?

This is Marie writing, and before you read this post, you should know a little background about me:

* I grew up in a very literary family who visited the library weekly
* I read a lot (but now I can use the excuse that it helps me be a better librarian!)
* Since 2000 I’ve kept meticulous records of books read & movies watched
* I’m not a math person by anyone’s definition, but I do like statistics
* I can make great pies, but my pie-chart making skills are below average

I was thinking recently about how much my family used the library as I was growing up, and how we would never have been able to afford to make reading our primary entertainment if we’d had to buy all the books we read – not to mention all the library programs we attended and other library services we used.

And that got me thinking … how much money did we save by using the library? Well, I don’t have records of my reading back that far, but I thought it would be fun to take my records from last year and create a little chart using the average prices for books, ebooks, audiobooks, and dvds.


Yeah … I’d say the library is a pretty valuable resource to me!

What is the library’s value to YOU? If you’re curious, there’s a wonderful library value calculator you can use. Comment and tell us your results!


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