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Hey! There’s a grocery store in the library!


A very special ribbon cutting with staff of the
Thomas J Harrison Pryor Public Library.

Why is there a grocery store in the library, you ask? Because it’s fun … and educational. This wooden grocery store set up (complete with all kinds of realistic food, a cash register, play money, and even a credit card!) is from Lakeshore Learning, a company that sells “products designed with learning in mind,” and it’s part of our library’s continuing effort to promote literacy. You see, this may look like a fun toy, but it’s actually an Early Childhood Literacy Center. This type of imaginative play encourages the skills children need to get ready to learn to read, as well as other skills that will help them succeed in life. For small children, work is play and there is a lot of learning that goes on in learning centers!

Public libraries are the only government-funded educational centers where service is available to all children free of charge.¬†Everyone is welcome to drop by the library and see the wonderful things going on in the children’s area … but please do not disturb the smallest patrons who are hard at work in the Early Childhood Literacy Center.


Jackson was one of the first children to explore some the new things in the children’s area – from the look of concentration on his face, we think he approves!


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