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Book review: The Future of Us

ImageThe Future of Us

by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

Young adult fiction

What if your teenage self could have seen what your life would be like as an adult? What if the future you saw was unhappy … would you try to change your destiny?

Popular young adult authors Asher and Mackler team up to create a book almost irresistible in its premise: it’s 1995, and teens Emma and Josh are exploring the internet for the first time when they run into something they’ve never heard of … something that hasn’t even been created yet. It’s Facebook, and it’s showing them their lives 15 years in the future. Who they’re married to, how many children they have, where they vacation, whether they’re happy or unhappy.

Josh is thrilled by his future with the hottest girl at school, but Emma’s future doesn’t look so rosy. When the pair discover that every choice they make in the real world has the potential to change their futures, Emma tries to see if she can improve her future self’s chance at happiness.

But it’s not that easy, and it’s driving Josh away. Is Emma willing to pay that price?


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