It’s raining cats and dogs

September is Happy Cat Month … and Guide Dog Awareness Month. Why not celebrate man’s best friend (and, well, whatever cats are) with some of these cat-and-dog themed books?


The Dogs of Bedlam Farm, Jon Katz:  a suburbanite buys a farm and stocks it with three border collies and a herd of sheep. Hijinks ensue!



Stay: the true story of ten dogs, Michaela Muntean: ten abandoned dogs find a new purpose in life as circus performers!

ImageDewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World, Vickie Myron: a tiny kitten left in the bookdrop of an Iowa library becomes Dewey Readmore Books, the proud library cat of the Spencer Public Library.
The Secret Life of your Cat, Unlock the Mysteries of Your Pet’s Behavior, Vicky Halls: Ever wondered what’s going on in your cat’s mysterious brain?
Puppy Chow is better than Prozac: the true story of a man and the dog who saved his life, Bruce Goldstein: Even with medicine and therapy, Bruce’s life seemed a never-ending downward spiral. Then came Ozzy, the miracle black Labrador puppy.



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