Our Teen Summer Reading Program comes with the chance to win a Kindle Fire!

[Edited 7/27/2012] Comments on this post are now closed. A big thank you to everyone who participated!

Hey teens! We know you’re busy, so we’ll keep this short and sweet:

1.  We’re having a Teen Reading Program! It’s during June and July, and if you’re a teen (going into 6th grade – 12th grade) all you have to do is sign up at the library.

2. The more you participate, the more chances you have to win one of two Kindle Fires. But wait! The more teens sign up, the more prizes there will be. So tell your friends to sign up too.

3. There are so many ways to earn more chances to win. One way is to keep keep track of the books you read – for every three books, you get one chance. (We’ve got a form for that – pick one up at the front desk.) You get another chance (limit one per day) each time you tell us something about what you’re reading by:

  • Commenting on our Facebook wall
  • Commenting on this post
  • Tweeting @TJHPPL
  • Calling us
  • Attending a teen program

4. Yes, teen programs! We’ll be sharing more info later, but we’re going to have a Hunger Games party on July 5th, a monster costume party on July 12th, dream interpretations on July 19th, and a music night on July 31st.

5. Here’s the tl;dr recap: SIGN UP, READ, PARTICIPATE and possibly WIN A KINDLE FIRE!



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97 responses to “Our Teen Summer Reading Program comes with the chance to win a Kindle Fire!

  1. Whitney M Call

    I’m reading a book called Deadly decisions and Its about forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan. She is solving murders that happened during a biker war. The bikers are all fighting to have the most power over the black market on drugs but innocents are getting killed in the process. Will she be able to stop innocents from facing untimely deaths?
    Will she find out who the mysterious girl whose skull and a few long bones were found? I hope to find out

  2. Ashton Joyner

    Right now I ‘m reading the Looking Glass Wars by: Frank Beddor I’m in the part where the Alyssians have just arrived at the Valley of Mushrooms. It is a good book for you if you like fairytales retold into real life. this story is basically a moderen Alice in Wonderland. Great read !

  3. Ashton Joyner

    Right now I am reading the Amulet series the first one which I’m on is called the Stonekeeper by: Kazu Kibuishi. I don’t read graphic novels at all but a friend said I would love it. Now so far its pretty good I’m at the part. where the mom is opening the door to the basement a.nd telling the kids to stay put. You would like it if you like fantasy monters and two kids on their own. More info later.

  4. Adalyn Chupp

    Currently, I’m reading the second book of THE INCORRIGABLE CHILDREN OF ASHTON PLACE. The governess, her three children, and the entire Ashton Household are currently lodging in London

  5. Adalyn Chupp

    I have just finished THE INCORRIGIBLE CHILDREN OF ASHTON PLACE. The children and the governess have survived the busy streets of London, discovered a secret gallery, and have come a liitle closer to finding the key to thier mysterious past. Now I am starting on CHASING VERMEER.

  6. Adalyn Chupp

    CHASING VERMEER is done. Two children, both very good at solving puzzles, are looking for a stolen Vermeer painting and attempting to track down the thief. I am now starting on ZORA AND ME.

  7. Ashton Joyner

    I just finished the Hunt by: Andrew Fukuda. Amazing book!!! I loved it!! Not your average vampire novel. Even if you dont like that whole vampire drama that has been going on lately. This is actually totally different!

  8. Adalyn Chupp

    ZORA AND ME is coming along. So far there has been a murder by the railroad tracks. The victom’s head was cut off! Surprisingly, this is nearly identical to a gator legend, and Zora(the main charactacter) has some sneaky suspitions that a town member is secretly a gator-man. When the news of the death gets around town, Zora is positive the he’s both a gator-man and the murderer. Yet, when she and her friends go out looking for him they find something completely different.

  9. Susan Newberry

    You guys are doing great! Keep posting! We are putting your patron id into the drawing each day you post. snewberry

  10. Ashton Joyner

    I am starting the Monstrumologist by: Rick Yancey. I have nt started it but it sounds really good.

  11. Adalyn Chupp

    I have begun NANCY DREW: MYSTERY OF THE OLD CLOCK. So far, a rich man has died, and all of the money was left to one family even when he promised a number of people that they would get a cut. Nancy and her father think that there is a second will and have begun their search. Some questions have been answered and some still remain unknown.

  12. Evelena Williams

    I just finished Burned by P.C. and Kristin Cast. Vampyre Zoey has been hurt bad . Her soul has been shattered. She has to put herself back together ,literally, before it is to late.

  13. Evelena williams

    Started reading Cracker. It is about a dog going to Vietnam. Her partner Ricky is going to have to show her respect before she does him or they wont make out of the war alive.

  14. Kalee Washington

    Currently reading Forever by Meggie Stief Vater. Its about werewolves, that turn into humans when in mild weather. A werewolf falls in love with a human,but they can never be together.

  15. Adalyn Chupp


  16. Adalyn Chupp

    Still reading NANCY DREW: THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE. So far Nancy’s father is in danger and she’s been given a challenging ghost case.

  17. Evelena Willliams

    Im almost finished with Cracker by Cynthia Kadohata. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Rick’s partner just lost his arm and his dog just died after disobeying a command.

  18. Kalee Washington

    Just finished Killer , by Sara Shepard. It is about four teen girls who have secrets and have to do whatever a person named A tells them to, or else.

  19. Kalee Washington

    i have read a book named Mathed by Ally Condie.It is about a girl named Cassie who gets matched to her best friend so that they can get married. But she falls in love with a boy named Ky.

  20. EvelenaWilliams

    just chcecked out maximum ride by james patterson hope it is great!

  21. Adalyn Chupp

    I just finished NANCY DREW: THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE. Nancy’s father has been kidnapped, there is a secret passage that the supposed ghost is using, and an unsuspected new suspect.

  22. Adalyn Chupp

    I’ve started NANCY DREW: THE BUNGALOW MYSTERY and have almost finished. A vilain, a prisoner, and thousands of dollars has been located with the thief and the chase is on.

  23. Susan Newberry

    Anyone reading anything interesting?

  24. Adalyn Chupp

    I’ve finished NANCY DREW: THE BUNGALOW MYSTERY. The vilain has been captured and the prisoner is free, all thanks to NancyDrew.

  25. Susan Newberry

    Hello????? Anyone reading?

    • Evelena Williams

      Im reading a book called Wake by Lisa Mcmann. Its about a seventeen year old girl who gets sucked into other peoples dreams whenever shes in their range. She tries to help her friend find closure in her dream but she refuses to talk about it.

  26. Mikayla campbell

    I’m reading kick its about soccer my fav sport!!!!!!!

  27. Adalyn Chupp

    I both started and completed Guardians of Ga’Hoole: The Journey. I have now started Guardians of Ga’Hoole: The Rescue.

  28. Mikayla campbell


  29. Mikayla campbell

    Hi readers kick is a great book so fair

  30. Adalyn Chupp

    I have finished Guardians fo Ga’Hoole: The Rescue and have started Guardians of Ga’Hoole: the Seige.

  31. Mikayla campbell

    I’m reading kick keiven got arrseted for driving with out a licsons and he is only 13!!!!!!

  32. Adalyn Chupp

    I have finished Guardians of Ga’Hoole: the Seige. I have Started Nancy Drew: the Mystery of Lilac Inn.

  33. Adalyn chupp

    I’m putting Nancy Drew on hold and starting the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: the Unseen Guest

  34. Adalyn Chupp

    I have finished THE INCORRIGIBLE CHILDREN OF ASHTON PLACE: THE UNSEEN GUEST. The missing ostrich, that the children have been searching for, has been found.

  35. Ashton Joyner

    Im reading divergant by veronica roth

  36. Zach Pennington

    I read The Lost Hero and it was awesome. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

    • Evelena Williams

      Hey Zach Im Evelena from your 6th grade home room. Glad to hear you are reading in our contest! Good luck! I just finished a trilogy by Lisa McMann. They are Wake,Fade,and Gone.

    • Susan Newberry, Director

      Post daily to improve your chances to win the Kindle Fire!!!

  37. Mikayla campbell

    Im reading kick they won the first game is the state cup teramet

  38. Mikayla campbell

    In the book I’m reading Kevin just told wat really happen and y he drove the car

  39. Evelena Williams

    I havent got to read much lately. Ive been waiting to check out Awakened by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. Its about 17 year old vamp Zoey who is learning to become all of the vamp High Priestess without being killed by the former High Priestess,Neferet.

  40. Adalyn Chupp

    Been at camp all week and havent read much. Now I’ve started THE WHITE GIRAFFE. It’s about a rare white giraffe that has inspired legends and just might become a stuffed trophy in the middle of a museum. Currently it secretly resides in a game reserve in Africa and has befriended a young girl that just might save its life.

    • Evelena Williams

      Oh my goodness!!! In 4th grd. my teacher read that book to me. She got me hooked, so I looked for any more books by the author, and sure enough i did . Its called Dolphin Song. If we ever meet I could lend it to you.

  41. mikayla campbell

    i finsh kick today it ways a really good book

  42. Adalyn Chupp

    The giraffe is saved, the poachers were captured, and the book is finished. Now I’m starting Dolfin Song, the sequel.

  43. mikayla campbell

    i finsh black elks vision it was agood book

  44. Kalee Washington

    Just finished a new trilogy called Wake Fade and Gone. They were VERY awesome.It was such a nail biter. I read them until the end. I could not stop reading them becuz they were so enjoyable to read.

  45. Adalyn Chupp

    I’m still reading Dolfin Song. The girl is going on a school trip to the ocean. The girl hates water and on top of that she just saw a guy that was almost aten by sharks! Now she’s terrified.

  46. Adalyn Chupp

    Still reading Dolfin Song. The ship that the girl and her class is on has sank and dolfins have carried them to the shores of a deserted island. So far only a few people have awoken and the rest are unconscious… or screaming at the top of their lung because a crab has made a nest in their hair.

  47. Adalyn Chupp

    I’m about half way through Dolfin Song. The girl and a boy( both, according to the rest of the class, odd-balls)have been run off of their classes camp, and have built a much more successful camp. While they were fishing for dinner, their class took over everything they had done.

  48. Kalee Washington

    I just started a new book called Halflings by Heather Burch.It is a very good book about a girl named Nikki and three brothers named Raven, Mace, and Vine . They are half angels sent to protect Nikki, but she falls in love with Mace.

  49. Evelena Williams

    Im sorry hadnt realized you were reading it. Enjoy it though.

  50. Adalyn Chupp

    There have been some people landing and leaving on the island. The class would have asked for help, but these aren’t the kind of people you’d want to ask a favor from. Not only that, the men have surrounded the island with underwater mines to, mysteriously, keep people away. And there have been twenty-one dolfins that have gotten stuck on shore(the class saved them), and the class thinks that the men are the cause. So they’ve triggered the mine once again and have infiltrated the men’s little ship. Surprisingly, they’ve been taken to a well known tourist island bnetter known as Paradise Island.

  51. Adalyn Chupp

    Almost done with the book.

  52. Adalyn Chupp

    i’ve finally finished Dolfin Song. I’ll be heading over to the library soon for more books.

  53. Mikayla campbell

    I’m reading mockingjay it is the 3rd book in the hunger games series

  54. Adalyn Chupp

    I’m now starting the Oficial Dick Van Dyke Show Book. It’s the first and only book of the show’s backstage history.

  55. Evelena Williams

    Ive been reading a book called Chaos. Everyone thinks the world will end because alot of weird stuff has been going on. For instance sandwiches hissing at people.

  56. Kalee Washington

    I just finished Halflings.It wuz so very awesme.I could not stop reading it.I can not belive what happens in the end.I guess you just have to read it to find out.

  57. Adalyn Chupp

    I’m still reading The Official Dick Van Dyke Show Book. It’s pretty neat. It has all this information on the Dick Van Dyke Show, one of my favorite shows.

  58. Evelena Williams

    Just checked out a few books . Im gonna have a busy week. 🙂
    Bitter End , Say The Word , and Lock and Key!!!!!

  59. Adalyn Chupp

    The Official Dick Van Dyke Show Book has alot of information on the actors, writers, and producers pasts.

  60. Zachary Pennington

    .The Son of Neptune is the best so far!

  61. Adalyn

    Still reading the Official Dick Van Dyke Show Bok.

  62. Kalee Washington

    I am almost done with a book called Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. It is about a girl named Ruby whose mom abandons her before she turns 18.;)

  63. Adalyn Chupp

    I’m still reading the Official Dick Van Dyke Show Book. I’ve also got a busy week ahead of me. Went to the libray today and got a bunch of books. Can’t wait to read them.

  64. Mikayla campbell

    Still reading mockingjay so far it’s great

  65. Aadlyn Chupp

    I’m finished with The Official Dick Van Dyke Show Book. Now I’m starting Ghost Knight.

  66. Adalyn Chupp

    I’ve finished the Official Dick Van Dyke Show book and have started Ghost Knight. It’s about a boy that is being haunted by a bunch of ghosts that are intent on killing him like they did the rest of his ancestors, so he calls on a dead knight thats basicly looking for work. He killed the ghosts, yet they’ve reappeared AND kidnapped his freind.

  67. Mikayla campbell

    Still working one mockingjay man adalyn u read fast

    • Adalyn Chupp

      Thanks for the commplement. But even then, we are ALL doing and great job, and I’m sure that the competition is SUPER close. Keep reading! =D

  68. Kalee Washington

    I just finished a book called Clarity by ……….?.Well it is about a girl who has a telepathic mother, a brother who can talk to ghosts and she can touch things and get images from the past.Her ex-boyfriend is the mayor’s son and he asks her to help him solve a murder.

  69. Evelena Williams

    Just finished Say the Word . Its bout a 17 year old Shawna whos mother is in coma and may never wake up. She realizes that her mother had another child and gave him away to another woman in secret . Now Shawnas father is trying to to win custody over Schmule.

  70. Mikayla campbell

    I punted mockingjay to a hold (it’s was on my kindle touch) and I started Mackenzie blue mix massages yesterday and finsed it today

  71. Mikayla campbell

    I read another mackenzie blue book friends forever? I did not like it that much it is very dramay

  72. Kalee Washington

    I am halfway through a book called crossed . it is a very good book and i think everyone in the world should read it and the first book called matched.

  73. Evelena Williams

    I recenty finished The Little House in the Big Woods. By Laura Ingalls. She has been one of my favorite authors of all time. The illustations are amazing. Right now Im gonna check out the next two, Farmer Boy and On the Banks of Plum Creek.

  74. Adalyn Chupp

    Ghost Knight is almost done. P.S. just came back from camp with another week coming up.

  75. Mikayla campbell

    I’m getting ready to read the left behind series

  76. Adalyn Chupp

    I’ve completed Ghost Knight and have started book of a thousand days. It is the account of the maid of a princess that was locked away in a tower for seven years because she refused to marry a man that she despises.

  77. Adalyn Chupp

    I’m still read the Book of a Thousand Days. It’s coming to an end.

  78. Adalyn Chupp

    I’m almost done with the book of a Thousand days.

  79. Adalyn Chupp

    I’m o the last few chapters of the Book of a Thousand Days

  80. Adalyn Chupp

    I’ve finished the Book of a Thousand Days. Now I’m starting the Mighty Miss Malone. It’s about a girl and her family during the great depression. When The Great Depression hits her home town her father leave to find work. Now she and her family are left alone awaiting his arival.