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Arizona resident Lelah was in Mayes County visiting family when she decided to pay a visit to the town of her youth. Lelah just intended to drive around Pryor looking for familiar places from her growing-up years, but when she asked a passerby where she might find information about the school she attended, she was directed to the library.

Lelah with her niece Becky (right) and  librarian Leslie Trogdon (left).

Before long she’d made a friend in our Genealogy librarian, Leslie Trogdon, and found more than she ever expected.

One of the unexpected things Lelah found was information about a long-lost classmate. She remembers attending grade school in New Mexico with a girl named Carmen. Later when Lelah’s family moved to the Pryor area, she felt that one of her new classmates looked very familiar – and soon realized that it was Carmen! After graduation Lelah lost track of Carmen and had always wondered what had happened to her.

When Ms. Trogdon opened a Pryor High School annual, there was Carmen’s picture. Then they were able to use  to discover more information about Carmen and even see pictures of her as an adult. “It’s like a miracle!” Lelah said.

Pryor’s Main Street after the 1942 tornado.

She also found her own school pictures, and pictures from the Pryor tornado of 1942, which she remembers clearly.

“I found things I never dreamed I would find!”

You will finds all sorts of information in our Genealogy and local history archives – photographs, newspaper archives dating back to the days before statehood, school annuals, funeral records, and access to genealogy resources like Family Search, Heritage Quest, and Ancestry. Call us for more information: 918-825-0777.

And if you have local memories of your own, please share with us. Leave a comment here, or on Facebook, or come visit us in person. We want to hear your stories!

Come to the library and see what you can discover!


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