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Rapid Reviews: what we’ve been reading

  •  Here Lies Arthur, By Philip Reeve
    A new way to look at the classic tale of King Arthur, this time through the eyes of Gwynna, a young girl rescued by the master storyteller himself, Myrrdin.
  •  Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling
    You might know Mindy from her role in The Office, but she wears a lot of other hats as well – comedy writer, off- Broadway performer, playwright. This book is part memoir, part essay, and all fun!
  • The Lacemaker and the Princess, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley Set in the time of the French revolution, Bradley writes with a wonderful voice for both the time period and the social status of her protagonist… a young lacemaker named Isabelle who becomes the unlikely friend of a princess.
  • Building the Great Cathedrals, by Francois Icher
    Ever wondered how our medieval ancestors built such soaring, intricate structures? In a blend of illustrations, photographs, and text, this book will show you the process all the way from the job of the most skilled architect to the lowliest stone-cutter.

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Partying with Dickens

Charles Dickens turns 2oo today! In honor of the his birthday, we’d like to share a few weird-but-true facts about the great man’s life:

1. Young Charles’ father was thrown into a debtor’s prison, and Charles, just aged 12, had to quit school and go work in a shoe-polish factory to help support the family. Sounds like a plot straight out of a Dickens novel, does it?

2. He was first published in 1933 – when he was just 21 years old.

3. He was an avid theatre-goer, wrote some plays himself, and even performed in front of Queen Victoria.

4. There are at least 22 film version of A Christmas Carol.

5. Dickens is buried in Westminster Abbey, but he specified in his will that no memorial be built for him. He is buried near George Frederick Handel and Rudyard Kipling.

(We think the party hat is a good look for Dickens – don’t you?)

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