Can’t get enough of Downton Abbey?

If you’ve been watching PBS’s Downton Abbey, you’re familiar with the allure of Edwardian aristocrats living out their glamorous lives in their English manor houses … and all the behind-the-scenes drama that happens belowstairs with the hardworking staff who keep those lavish homes running smoothly! Season Two of Downton Abbey is almost halfway over, but don’t despair: you can get your fix with the following books.
In a Gilded Cage: from heiress to duchess by Marian Fowler is a lively biography of five American heiresses who married English Dukes.

The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin tells the similar story of a fictional couple – high-spirited Cora Cash, who marries a duke with secrets … secrets that may do more harm to their marriage than Cora’s social missteps.
 The Perfect Summer: English 1911, just before the storm, by Juliet Nicolson shows us England balanced on a knife’s edge: beautiful on the surface but cracking underneath, and with war looming just over the horizon.
The Titled Americans: three American sisters and the British aristocratic world into which they married by Elisabeth Kehoe is the story of the glamorous Jerome sisters – one of whom became the mother of Winston Churchill.

The Gardens at Hatfield by Sue Snell gives an insider view of the 30-year restoration of the beautiful gardens at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire in England.

Stop by the library to check out any of these wonderful titles!


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