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Book Review: Matched


by Ally Condie

Young Adult Fiction

“I don’t know what happens when people break the rules, because people in the Borough don’t break them.”

Cassia doesn’t have much control over her life. Her free time activities are decided for her. The food she eats and her portion sizes are chosen by others. When she’s done with her education, she will be assigned a career. At the end of her life, her death will be carefully orchestrated by others.

But Society has figured out a way to give everyone the best chance at optimum health and happiness. Who could argue with that? Why would you insist on free will if you knew your choices would likely lead to an early death, illnesses, or an unhappy marriage? Who would throw away a chance at a perfect life?

On Cassia’s seventeenth birthday, her future husband – her Match – is chosen for her. Xander is the boy statistically most compatible with her, most likely to create a successful Match. Cassia is sure of this… Until one tiny moment creates a sliver of doubt, doubt that causes her to consider that perhaps Society isn’t as infallible as she thought, doubts that lead her to start breaking some of those rules.



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