Book Review: The Lantern

The Lantern
by Deborah Lawrenson

Adult Fiction

It’s a classic whirlwind romance: Eve instantly falls for the charming and handsome Dom when they meet on vacation in Switzerland. In short order she gives up her job as a translator and moves with him to a crumbling château in Provence, where they spend an idyllic summer living among the old stone walls and overgrown gardens, lazily enjoying all the sights and tastes and smells of French country life, deliriously happy and half-drunk on the scents of lavender and figs.

But as the summer fades, it’s clear that things aren’t always what they seem. Dom turns secretive and brooding, and Eve can’t get the specter of his beautiful ex-wife Rachel out of her mind. But Dom refuses to discuss Rachel, his silence turns Eve’s worry into suspicion. Strange things are happening in the house as well – a lantern appearing suddenly in the middle of a garden path, mysterious stains on the floor, a book that opens on its own.

And then they start finding the bodies.

Reminiscent of Rebecca or classic Hitchcock films, this is a lush gothic tale full of descriptions so evocative that it will have you tasting French wine on the tip of your tongue.


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