Book Review: Tooth and Claw

Tooth and Claw

By Jo Walton

Adult Fiction

What do you get when you take a Jane Austen-style Victorian novel of manners … and make the characters anthropomorphic dragons?

The only book I know that fits that description is Jo Walton’s inventive Tooth and Claw, where ladies of questionable reputation struggle to make their way in the world, fathers die leaving their children to fight over their inheritance, and sanctimonious parsons seek blushing brides.

Jo Walton has proven adept at many different genres – alternate history, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery – many times blending genres together in new and inventive ways. But no matter what type of book it is, her engaging writing style and way of turning something familiar on its head make her books well worth reading.

Also by Jo Walton: Among Others.


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