Book Review: My Year With Eleanor

My Year With Eleanor

by Noelle Hancock

Adult Non-fiction

When entertainment blogger Noelle Hancock was abruptly laid off, she had to face her fears in a very real way. She quickly realized that she’d traded in her confidence for anxiety and her ambition for passiveness. Then a quote chalked on a blackboard in a coffee shop changed everything:

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

With the help of her boyfriend and a few close friends (real friends are the ones who will go skydiving with you!) Noelle embarks on a project: a vow to do at least one thing that scares her every day for a year.

Weaving in plenty of facts about Eleanor’s life and a lot of inspiration, Noelle faces her fears, including those of flying, falling, karaoke, and stand up comedy. Along the way she finds her fearless self again, even finding that she enjoys some of the things she feared most.

Luckily for her readers, it’s a ride that’s easy to enjoy – and definitely not a book to be afraid of!


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