2012 Sequoyah Nominees

You may have seen new stickers on the spines of some of our young adult and children’s books lately: “Sequoyah Masterlist 2012.” What’s that all about? Let us tell you!

The Sequoyah Book Awards are named after the Native American leader Sequoyah, who chose 85 symbols to represent the sounds in spoken Cherokee, allowing his people’s language to be written down and preserved.

There are three Sequoyah Awards – one each for children, intermediate and high school level books. Each year masterlists of outstanding books in these categories are created by Sequoyah Reading Teams (made up of Oklahoma Library Association members from across Oklahoma). Then Oklahoma students are invited to read or listen to books from the lists and vote on their favorite!

(Trivia: The very first Sequoyah Children’s Book Award was given in 1959 to the book Old Yeller.)

Voting doesn’t start until next February, but now is the time to start reading! Look for the display of Sequoyah nominees in the Young Adult and Children’s areas. You can find the lists of nominees for 2012 here.

And if you’re just looking for a really good book, why not check out one of the past winners?


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