Book review: Dying To Meet You


Dying To Meet You
by Kate Klise

Grades 3-6
Junior Fiction

In this first book of the 43 Old Cemetery Road series, we find a Victorian home inhabited by a grumpy author (aptly named I. B. Grumply), a practically parentless boy named Seymour, one cat, and a very opinionated and literary ghost named Olive C. Spence.

Mr Grumply is the author of ghost stories for children, but he hates children … and doesn’t believe in ghosts. Seymour definitely believes in ghosts – after all, doesn’t Olive keep him company, and fix him dinner almost every night? And Olive just wants a chance, after almost 100 years, to finally get her book published.

Told entirely in letters, notes, and newspaper articles, this fast-paced and humorous tale is full of wordplay and charmingly illustrated, and certain to leave young readers  eager for the next book in the series.


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